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Since 2010, Smith Factory, LLC has worked with clients to disrupt the divide between the tech and physical-design communities. With a knowledge base steeped in cutting-edge fabrication technologies, and a strong background in built environment design and creation, Smith Factory is uniquely qualified to bring to life a wide array of projects. We work with a desire to integrate new tech and functionality into our projects while maintaining elegance in both design and usability, from the tiniest engravings to whole interiors. From the design, rendering and production of custom physical objects to the curation of event-based experiences, our projects run the gamut. Our fully equipped fabrication studio in Springfield, Oregon is ready to help artists, designers, architects, product designers, and design entrepreneurs who have an idea but are finding it difficult to find the space or tools to build a real model. 

Get in touch and let us know what you’re dreaming up, we can probably help you turn it into a reality.

Who we* are:

*David Smith, Founder

*Calli Beck, Founder and Lead Fabricator

*We are are also happy to be a part of a large community of artists, designers, and makers from Oregon to Brooklyn, San Francisco and beyond. If something is beyond our wheelhouse, we’ll consult with and bring in other specialists from our comunity as needed for special design projects.